Protect your Investment – Unit Condition requires the joint effort of Good Property Manager, Good Tenant and Good Owner

Case Study: Protect your Investment – Unit Condition requires the effort of Good Property Manager, Good Tenant and Good Owner

I have received this property at Miro 1206 transferred from another well known large Property Management Company. When I walked into the property, I was completely shocked by how bad the condition of the property. The tenant was using the property for rooming. There were 5 beds in there. The floor had gap all over the place due to water damages. The property was so dirty that you can’t imaging how anyone could live in this property.
Once we took over the management, first thing we did is to work with the owner to completely renovate the property. We replaced all the flooring, painted the entire suite, and completely deep cleaned the property to make it rentable again. The process took about 3 weeks. We are very grateful the owner of the suite was very easy to work with, they understand the value of up-keeping the property, and willing to invest to update the property. We are also very grateful with all the trades who set this job as priority and helped us to finish the work as soon as possible so we can post for rent.
We all understand normal wear and tear happens through out the years, the owner needs maintain the property and continue to keep the property in a functional and solid state. The tenant is required to inform owner and Property Manager any items need attention, and keep a certain sanitary standard through out the tenancy and final move out cleaning is required. Property Manager’s position is to communicate the expectation on both sides to make sure the property is well-maintained. Failure to do so, the property will be vacant and further losses for the rent revenue that an owner could have. Also, a Property Manager would need to check on the property at least 2 to 3 times a year. If the previously Management company had checked on the property at least 2 times a year, they would have potentially stopped the water damages to the floor, and noticed the tenant used the property as rooming and remedy the situation fairly quickly.
The photos are from my cleaner whom had helped us to restore this property to the top cleaning state.
A good cleaner is very crucial to the rental property. Only cleaner with deep-clean capability and understand what Property Manager will be looking at will be suitable for cleaning. Anyone can be a cleaner but do they have the proper tool? do they know where to clean? Do they wash walls? Do they clean behind the fridge, under the stove/oven panel? drawers? Blinds? The list goes on and on.
All our property given to our tenant is always deep-cleaned and fully functional, the tenant is required to return the property back in the same cleaning state. This is to prolong the condition of the rental investment and reduce the time for major clean up  and vacancy through out the years.
We believe everyone deserves a clean home and a home does not interfere the quiet enjoyment of the tenant’s lifestyle, and thankfully, most of our tenant understand we had put this extra effort to give them an excellent deep-cleaned home, and they will do the same in return.